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The Chase-fic that ate my life: Het and Slash content NC17

Title: Redemption Song
Author: karaokegal
Pairings: Chase and a cast of Thousands-Five anyway.
Rating: Most definitely NC17
Word count: 9,581
Warnings: Spoilers through the end of season 2, some het content, angst, and oh yeah, 9581 words.
All the love in the world to Beta Goddess Carol for wielding the whips, stilletoes and machete necessary to get this thing under control.
Written for the Chase-Fic-A-Thon at http://community.livejournal.com/duerbp/
Prompt: 23-Chase's endurance and performance need to be redeemed after Cameron's "If we were getting the sample from you, we'd be done by now" comment. Redeem him in any way you see fit.
All I Ever Had
Tags: nc17

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