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Soliciting Smut-Cliches for the omni_fiction Fic-Fest

omni_fiction is having a Smut Cliche Fanfic-Fest!

To get things rolling, we'd like you to comment to THIS POST with the smut cliche that drives you absolutely bonkers, makes your eyes glow demon-red and causes you to back-button the minute you see it, even it's your favorite fandom, pairing, writer etc.

We've all got them, so don't be shy. To make it easier, we'll be keeping the comments screened and accept anonymous comments. No one will be associated with a specific Smut Cliche unless you wish to identify yourself after the fact.

On June 21st, we'll post the list and make Smut Cliches available for claiming. You will (if you so choose) take a Smut Cliche and redeem it.
Posting will begin on July 1 and continue for one week, or until everybody gets it out of their system.

Rules: (Very few; we're a laid-back bunch.)
1. Minimum words: 100-Come on people, it's a drabble. Anyone can do it.
2. Suggested maximum words: 1000-We know everyone's a little fried right now, what with all the Big Bangs either finishing up or in progress, so we don't want anyone to feel pressured. However if the almighty smut muse hits you with a 10,000 word story, we won't turn you away at the door either.
3. Multi-fandom.
4. Bifictional: Het, slash and femslash or any combination are welcome. Even Gen is okay, as long as it uses a smut cliche and redeems it.
5. Fics must be posted to omni_fiction. You can cross-post to any applicable comm but we want it on omni_fiction as well. Posting to your own LJ and linking to omni_fiction is fine.
6. Go forth and pimp.
7. You do not have to give us a Smut Cliche to participate.
8. You may give us as many Smut Cliches as you please. They may be words, phrases or concepts.
9. Fandom-specific Smut Cliches are acceptable and may be redeemed within their original fandom or being transferred to another fandom.
10. Have fun.

So lets get the ball rolling by commenting here with the Smut Cliche of your nightmares.

My personal numero uno is "boneless, bonelessly or any variations thereof." God, I hate that thing.

REMINDER-Please comment to the post at omni_fiction RIGHT OVER HERE

Also, if you haven't yet, please take this opportunity to join omni_fiction where you can read fanfiction in multiple fandoms for multiple pairings and post fic without having to warn for every little kink.

Yes, I'm a co-mod and I'll pimp if I want to.
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