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I actually took a lunch break today!

It's been weeks since I did that. I sat outside Cafe Madeleine and had a piece of tomato-goat cheese quiche and some fruit salad. Especially nice since it's very warm today. I had some LOM and TW smut with me to enjoy in the sun. The only down-side was the annoying, loud, vulgar individual in back of me having a very obnoxious conversation on his cell-phone the whole time.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann fans...did you see that little tap-dance that Keith and Howard Fineman had on Monday, where Keith basically wanted Howard to draw some less-than-flattering conclusions about the woman who was heading "Clinton Supporters for McCain" and Howard didn't want to go there and got kind of defensive and said "I don't know what you're talking about?"

Did you also notice that Howard was NOT on the show last night?

Also-Rachel Maddow? HOT! (Although she needs to stop with the bat-wing false eye-lashes, especially when she flutters them at Keith.)


I've become completely, utterly addicted to fandomsecrets. I want to get photoshop and learn how to use it, just so I can post secrets. In fact, there are some semi-important things I need to do in the next two hours and I'm having a hard time forcing myself to do them because I'm reading old posts. If I figure out how to make the paste-ups, that would be my first secret.

Coming soon: (As in Sunday night/Monday morning) Ianto/Capt. John hate!sex fic.
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