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Meme a day 2008-Day 168-Favorite Pairings Meme

20 of my favorite pairings, in no particular order. (These include both canon pairings and fan-fictional delusions.)

1. House/Wilson (House MD)
2. Jack/Doctor (Dr. Who)
3. Jack/Owen (Torchwood)
4. Sam/Gene (Life On Mars)
5. Danny/Rusty (Ocean's 11)
6. Mac/Danny (CSI-NY)
7. Megan/Larry (Numb3rs)
8. Indy/Marian (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
9. Kirk/Spock (Star Trek-Original Series)
10. Keith Olbermann/Stephen Colbert (Punditslash)
11. Sol Starr/Trixie (Deadwood)
12. Joanie Stubbs/Calamity Jane (Deadwood)
13. Jack Bristow/Michael Vaughan (Alias)
14. Mal/Inara (Firefly)
15. House/Chase (House MD)
16. Wilson/Chase (House MD)
17. Jake Barnes/Lady Brett Ashley
18. Doctor/Master (Dr. Who)
19. Jools/Danny (Spooks/MI5) (Even if I basically made it up and my Spooks OTP is really Jools/Anyone. I'd even take Jools/Tom or Jools/Harry for the hate!sex.)
20. Sally Bowles/Brian Roberts/Maximillian OTP3(Cabaret-Movie version.)

ETA-Disturbing thought-I realized I should have at least one literary pairing in there and the first thing that came to my mind was Humbert Humbert/Dolores Haze. And while I do think Humbert loved her, I can see why this would bother people. Lolita is my favorite novel and obviously I still have some issues to work out.

So to avoid squickiness on the grand scale I went for Jake and Lady Brett
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