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I have tried to like Alex Drake and I have failed dismally

Thoughts on Ashes to Ashes.

Alex, I knew Sam Tyler, Sam Tyler was a friend of mine, and you are no Sam Tyler.

Which is fine. Obviously, they are different shows set in different eras, and by doing a female character, the dynamic is different. Despite my personal kinks, it would be unacceptable to have the kind up physicality in the relationship that makes almost every episode of Life On Mars feel like a slash-story from my ID.


I've already stipulated how much the attire bugs me, and even though the bra strap gets covered up in the last few episodes, there's still the horror of the blue eye-shadow, the "oh sure, you can run in those" boots and the white jacket.

(OK, I kind of like the jacket, but it ain't nothing on Sam's jacket.)


What I think I really loses me about Miss Bolly Knickers, is the fact that she's supposed to have studied Sam's case, but she didn't learn the primary lesson. Maybe you can change certain things regarding the future, although those are always presented ambiguously. We don't know for a fact that putting the guy away in the first episode actually saved Maya's life. We one thing we learned for sure in the first series of LOM is that Sam couldn't fix his family. (And if you know what's good for you, you won't go having somewhat icky contact with your mother.)

Did he mention in his report that he couldn't save Marc Bolan, because Mark's girlfriend was driving the car?

So what does Alex do? She tries to save her family. AND FAILS. DISMALLY. Plus she has somewhat icky contact with her mother. And her god-father, who pretty much squicked me out from day one.

I'm still not sure why they had her drinking so heavily. I know that Sam had to chug a bit of whiskey to be one of the boys, and maybe I'm buying into stereotypes, but she really does come across like an alcoholic slut.

SO-Can I like a show when I seriously dislike the featured character?

I guess so. For one thing despite some episodes that totally pissed me off, they managed to keep me guessing enough to make it interesting. The last episode totally got me. I did not see the twist about the dad coming at all. (I also didn't recognize Matthew McFadyen AT ALL, although I should have been expecting a Mr. Keeley appearance at some point.)

As I've said before, damn I love that music. You can't put that much early 80's Roxy Music in a show and not get a piece of my heart.

PLUS--GENE HUNT-The Gene Genie, The Guv.

The BIG SPEECH in the last episode was totally manipulative, but I loved it anyway, and I feel like Philip Glenister was single handedly creating chemistry where there actually was none. I suspect my fascination with the character is somehow related to my passion for the equally offensive character of Greg House, but there's obviously a discrepancy in good looks. Having said that: I'd hit it like Barry Bonds with butt full of steroids. You know what I'm saying?

(You something is wrong when RAY is more sympathetic than the so-called lead.)

I did miss Annie, although I don't see how she could have fit in to the ensemble with a woman as main character. Shaz was severely underwritten, but got in some good lines, Chris is still my puppy-dog and I do want to write more Sam/Chris fic.)

Episode 5 actually pissed the living shit out me. While it was fun to hear the line about cock-sucking, rather than making me feel that Alex was superior to those around her because she wasn't homophobic, it just made me want to smack her. Again. It's was just a little too knowing
and smug.

Luigi will never replace Nelson in my heart and don't get me started on the Bowie clown. Not half as creepy as Test Card Girl.

I love that British shows have short series-Better quality.
I hate that I have to wait until next year to find out what happens next.

(And I have State of Play on my Netflix queue.)

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