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Too fuckin' hot.

Gazpacho weather. (And Bi-rite is selling some killer Gazpacho.)

Seriously. Almost Maui hot, and even though I live in the City by the Bay, I don't actually live near the Bay or the Ocean.

I'm really hoping this breaks tomorrow. I'm miserable. Too hot to write. Too hot to think. I'm just goofing off playing Cubis and Jewel Quest.

Ivan is coming over tomorrow. He's done with the semester, so we can get him through the end of 2nd Torchwood series.

Hubby wants to go Haight Street vintage shopping tomorrow. He's looking for a 3/4 leather jacket, or as I think of it, a Sam Jacket. (I told him he needs a big collar, flares and Cuban heels to go with it.)

For every diet, there is an equal and alternate binge. I've been trying to keep the scarfing down for the last few weeks, including diet soda instead of sugar soda and today it came back to bite me on the ass.
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