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Tea for two...

and two for tea.

quite</i> a Sam-coat. More of a suit jacket that just happpens to be made of leather.

He didn't find one in the size he was looking for so instead he bought himself a new toy at Haight Street Music. A Studio In A Box. Eight track. Whatever.


I went to Cafe Petra to get Dr. Who and Confidential, which I was already hearing great things about including (god help us) wankage about who was hugging who in the promo for the following week.

The heat wave was just starting to break as Ivan arrived. I'd been looking forward to doing some LOM Squeeee-age with him, but it turned out he'd only seen the first series. ARRRRRGGHGHGGHGHGH.
That definitely limited the squeeeee-ability. Luckily his semester is over, so I can him over on a few weeknights and bring him up to speed. Cause really. You gotta see the WHOLE THING to properly discuss it.

We had a fab dinner at Il Cantuccio and then we came home and plugged in so I could get him through the end of the 2nd series of Torchwood from Something Borrowed on, which he'd missed because of school.

For those who are new to the Chelsea Drugstore, Ivan is a former marine, a sci-fi geek, an Ol' Skool Dr. Who fan, the guy who got me into running, a History buff, and one of my few straight male friends outside of my husband. He is a total sweetie and if you know any nice girls in the Bay Area I can fix him up with, please tell me.

He doesn't particlarly ship any TW pairings, but he likes Gwen and feel strongly that Jack does love her more than he cares about Ianto. He likes the character of Ianto, when he's not whining.
Full Disclosure: I skipped Adrift with the argument that it doesn't affect any of the character's story arc and is horribly depressing. The fact is, I couldn't go through it again. Any of it. It's amazing how seriously DARK the end of the series is. There's hardly any fun after Something Borrowed, and things just get more and more miserable until Exit Wounds. There's some humor in Fragments, but the tone itself is still pretty bleak. Burn's performance in Fragments was even more gut-wrenching than I remember. Ivan was like "this is too real," before the alien brain thing was revealed. Plus it's impossible not to notice how extremely handsy Jack is with Owen throughout the segment.

After Ivan left, we watched Dr. Who. (Ivan's watching on Sci-fi, so he's only up to The Unicorn and the Wasp.)

Dr. Who review in my next post.
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