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More "Moments" Drabbles-Various characters-Rated G

Continuing my series of drabbles (100 words each) based on individual House MD moments from Seasons 1 & 2. The first ones are here: Magic Moments.

I'm still taking suggestions, especially for Season 1.

Paula-"Distractions" (Suggested by maggie33)

Pizza came from Luigi’s, movies from Netflix and petite brunettes from Elegant Escorts. As long as House had a phone and a credit card, he’d never be hungry, bored or lonely.

Von Leiberman had been vanquished. The excruciating migraine was a small price to pay for an icy platter of revenge. He ordered a special treat to celebrate his victory.

House’s latest delivery called herself Paula and appeared to meet all his specifications until she got chatty. He made it clear that talking was neither necessary nor desired. Paula smiled and came inside to do her job without a word.

Candy Canes-Damned If You Do (Suggested by secondsilk)

Are you mocking me?

Oh my god. What was I thinking? I mean they’re just…but still. How could I be so stupid? He’s going to hate me. He’s going to fire me. He’s in pain and I just made it worse. I need to help him. Maybe if I…if he'd let me in just a little bit…I could help him. I wish I were dead. He’s giving me that look. With those eyes… So much pain.

Relax. It’s a joke.

OK, now we know the pretty girl can’t take a joke. Let’s get back to curing the nun.

Impersonation-"Need To Know" (suggested by tigertrapped)

Oh, I love Greg.

Cuddy should definitely not quit the day job for a career in show business. Her Stacy imitation leaves much to be desired. Too fluttery, too Southern and too knowing for House’s taste.

…dreamy eyes.

Of course Stacy told Cuddy. They were friends, sorority sisters and more than that in his lurid fantasies. If he and Stacy did get back together, maybe…

Maybe not, based on how much anger is coming through her little performance.

…his cane makes me melt…

Not just anger; but fear. Smart woman. House is scared too.

Do the damn surgery.

Fall-"Safe" (suggested by Beta Goddess Carol)

His worst nightmare had come true. Falling in public. Looking like a helpless cripple. He’d quit rehab to avoid the possibility of being seen like this. His body was just starting to feel the pain of landing on his bad leg and the pinging in his ulnar nerve because he'd been stupid enough to break the fall with his arm. Double Vicodin for the House.

Instead of helping him up, Wilson assessed the situation coolly.

Wow. Looks like somebody filed halfway through your cane while you were sleeping.

Nice job, Jimmy.

House got up slowly, stiffly, with a secret smile.

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