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Sunday night at the Mint

Was incredible. People who I used to hang out with when I first started going there like ten years ago showed up. It' was Ol Skool Mint night. Sharon and Leeanne. Julie and David. Todd and his psycho dog Snowball. Plus me and Sebastian, Vince, Thomas, Ed, Daddy Dave, Bartender Jim and Giovanni. Giovanni is one of my Barrowmania converts and an all-around lovely guy and we had the best time just hanging at the bar, snarking and laughing. It was one of those nights when I just did not want to leave. I felt like calling home and saying, yeah, honey, I love you, but I'm having too good a time to come home and be with you. I did not do that. I got my last song in and skedaddled.

The songs I did were:
On Days Like These-Matt Monroe
Summer Rain-Johnny Rivers
I Gotta Know-Elvis Presley
Heaven Knows-Grass Roots

The weird thing was a party going on in the Lounge part of the Mint and none of us regulars knew any of them, so we were all kind of hanging on the bar side together. Someone from the party got up and did "Even Now" by Barry Manilow and me, Julie, David, Giovanni and a few others were all standing in a cluster wailing it at the tops of our fucking lungs! It was amazing. I wanted to cry. That's how happy it made me. Gotta email my Barry Buddy (not to be confused with a Barrowmania Buddy) because she would appreciate it. Hell, Barrowman would definitely have been singing along if he were there. I swear aside from the obvious one, my biggest Barrowman fantasy is to have him come and hang out at the Mint.

Does that make me crazy?

I had to tell you guys because my co-worker reminded me by mentioning Barry Manilow. Of course he's just back from Massachusetts and a big lover of Weekend In New England.
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