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Paranoid bitching of a paranoid bitch

Part 1
It's an oldie but goodie:
I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job.

Things have been going better, but I got in this morning and within the first hour hit a major problem. Something didn't get booked. I don't think it was my fault. I have NO emails from the admin with these dates. Furthermore if I was told to book it and never did, why didn't she ever follow up saying "Where's the itinerary?" She asked if I had an itinerary in September, which I sent her, a different itinerary for different dates. She never said anything, meaning maybe she never looked. The bad news is that blaming the admin is not good, even if it is her fault. I still have to work with her.

On the plus side the lawyer wanted a different outbound anyway. Unfortunately the flight she wants is sold out in First and Business and god forbid her ass should touch a coach seat. She literally said to me "I can't be waitlisted." as I was waitlisting her. Also the hotel she wants is available...for $810.00 per night. And although I'm pushing those bastards hard, I don't think they're going give an inch. It's Fashion Week and it's the UN and blah blah blah.

You know what's worse than presumptuous, over privileged lawyers? Recruits! It's recruit season. Kids flying in from Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, Yale etc etc etc. I can tell the minute I hear their first syllable. Pains in my ass. Always trying to run some scam, by getting an extra hotel night or a side trip out of the law firm. It wouldn't annoy me quite so much if I didn't know they were going to make more money their first year than I will in a lifetime. (If any of you are law students currently being recruited by a law firm... please note the title of the posting.)

All of this would have been fun enough if I wasn't in a certain amount of back pain. Not Vicodin pain, but pain. I'm popping a lot of Motrin and my doctor wants me to pop more plus some muscle relaxers. However when I was taking all that stuff, I wasn't writing. Brain not coming up with new ideas for stories. I didn't go to the gym for a week and my fear of blubberitus is worse than my need to not feel pain.

So I'm cranky, in pain, dealing with a crisis and then I realize I'm getting fuzzy headed, congested, sniffly and sneezy and the one thing that really, really makes my back hurt is sneezing.

How miserable was I today? The fact that it was House-day didn't really cheer me up.

Part 2
Diary of a mad House-frau

First of all-OMG can Hugh Laurie get any more adorable!!!

Now that that's out of the way, allow me to spew my new and improved conspiracy theory. I am absolutely positive that some time before the start of shooting someone decided that the whole House/Wilson thing needed to be shut down. On my delusional universe, it happened when they saw the "Inside The Actors Studio" interview. The whole thing about "Who should House be with, Cameron, Cuddy or Wilson" scared the shit out of them. Maybe the Folks at Fox were sound asleep while Season two was giving us such slashy goodness as House V God and the whole "L-Word with the sound off" thing, but now they've noticed and they want it stopped. So for two episodes we get Wilson acting like he's been replaced by a pod and babbling about Icarus. Now RSL breaks my heart every time I hear him say it, but in the cold light of day, it's like WTF???? And in this episode it's like they're trying to put a neon sign on House that flashes "Straight, Straight! Straight". A teeny bopper showing her underwear? Yeah he joked to Cuddy about needing sex with "someone obscenely younger than you" but come on. Hugh's smiles were yummy, but wasting them on that Mass Market Mary Sue? Blech.

About the whole Cam Hand thing, I'm more perplexed.

I think Cam has been much improved this season and Jen's acting last week was excellent. Her "OH" when the guy said he wanted to make love to his wife and even her getting ballsy with Wilson and Cuddy was OK. I squeee-ed over the "cunning plan" when it first happened, but have become less enchanted since then. I even thought she was good this week. But the last shot. Why? It should have been Cam alone in the chapel and House watching from outside, each of them still locked into their individual pain. Sorry. House touches NO ONE (except Wilson.)

And Wilson. I know some people have said he was snippy this week, but he was closer to invisible. Two scenes. No discernable emotion. Are we to believe House has forgiven? He was certainly willing to remind, but where's the bitterness.

Omar may want to start collecting unemployment. At least last week, his eyebrows got to act.

I saw at least one posting on LJ already saying that this episode really validated the House/Chasers because Chase was willing to stay with House when he thought he was going to kill Joel Grey. As long as there are no repeats of last weeks unfortunate "Yo Mama..." incident I'll be happy.

If David Shore is still getting off on his fantasies of House/Cam chemistry, I beg him to wake up and smell what the Rock is cooking. I wonder how much imput Bryan Singer has right now. I was talking to my friend Lowell and he pointed out that Bryan Singer manages to get oodles of subtext into all his projects.

So from my side of the grassy knoll, it looks like Bryan's attention is elsewhere, David & Katie are smoking the House/Cam crack pipe and TPTB at Fox want their hit to be a slash-free zone.

I still love the show, but I'm finding it very hard to write House/Wilson season 1&2 while I'm being bombarded by what we're being shown. If I assume some kind of H/W consumated sexual relationship, than Wilson's behaviour of the past two episodes was nearly irredeemable. I know that slashers are somewhat masochistic by nature and we have to find our subtext where we can, but after two years of being practically bathed in the musk of H/W love, it's like being weaned and I'm not willing to give up that tit just yet.

I'm going to take some Benedryl and go sleepy bye now. Wish me luck on my waitlists.

Thanks and love to rivers_bend for my new, totally morbid, userpic.
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