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This job is making me sick!

I'm really trying not to freak out totally because Steven is still fragile from his SNAFU and he needs me to hold it together, but really, I'm totally freaked out, stressed, jittery, tummy hurting and I want to scream and get the hell out of here FOREVER!

The big meeting in Evanston IL is over and I've got a bunch of attorney's heading back to the airport, each with their own limo reservations, all of which have the potential to be a screw up.
Naturally there's also weather in Chicago-SURPRISE! So every flight is in danger of delay or cancelation. A lot of these guys were upgraded, which means if they have to be protected on a different flight, they might end up back in coach.

Plus I have problem child #2 who is on the same flight with a bunch of other attorneys who got upgraded AND SHE DIDN'T. She is NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. I really thought we'd be able to get her upgraded using the 500 mile one way e-certificates and it didn't happen. I was an idiot. We should have gone for miles or a one of the firm's upgrades immediately. I feel like shit. Like I let her down. Like she's going to hate me. I can't stand it when the clients hate me.

Clearly I am in the wrong line of work.

Sometimes I wish I had one of those disgusting "Dirty Jobs" jobs, where I had to shovel poo or something equally wretched all day, but then I could go home and forget about it. Unfortunately poo-shovelers generally don't have all-day access to computers and I think I'd die if I didn't have the anxiety relief of being able to do this as well. But maybe if I were shoveling poo, I wouldn't need the anxiety relief.

Added stress: My group of 14 attorneys going to Napa THIS WEEKEND. I only have 10 names and I'm petrified the other 4 are going to call the After Hours number and be told there's nothing in the computer and assume there's no booking for them.

More agita: We don't have all the cell phone numbers we should, meaning when a limo company calls to tell me that they're sitting there and the guy hasn't shown up, I have no way of getting in touch.

NEW CRUSADE: GET A CELL PHONE #. For Everybody. All The Time.

We're still have problems with the computer screwing up the pricing when we ask for an unrestricted fare, but also ask for the Law Firm's contract fare. It devolves to the contract fare even if it's NONREFUNDABLE. That's how Steven got screwed up this week. It's SABRE'S FAULT and they should take responsibility. But they won't.

But I am happy about seeing hllangel tonight and Dr. Who tomorrow.
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