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Big crowds in my neigborhood right now

Due to my proximity to Dolores Park, which is the starting point for the Dyke March, which takes off in a few hours and may or may not go by my front door. The Dyke March is incredibly cool and doesn't take any sponsporship. It also doesn't publish an actual route map in advance. One of these days, I'll go on the march itself, but right now I'm sitting at Cafe Petra getting my grubby paws on Dr. Who and just praying that the interpolation of the TW shipwar doesn't fuck up my ship-free Dr. Who series.

Last night, I had dinner with Hubby and the hllangel. We met at the Mint and then went to Woodhouse Seafood Restaurant, since I had promised she would get some fresh seafood while here in the Bay Area. OYSTERS!!!! Yumyumyum.

This morning I went downtown to the Desk of Doom for about an hour. I needed to put in documentation for the Napa Group, in case someone called our clueless after hours service and was told that the reservations didn't exist, thereby leading to a brou-ha-ha. So I did that and also peeked at the email, where problem child #2 was asking for a change to her reservation for Monday. Since I was there and could save myself a bunch of aggro by doing it, I did that do.

I didn't get into a full LJ check, but I did have some glad tidings from beta_goddess, who took a look at the result of Thursday's plot bunny attack. I'll be posting Housefic on Sunday night, but as I mentioned, it's freaking Genfic, with nary a whiff of slashiness.

Then we went to the movies for Get Smart

It was OK. Cute. Steve Carrell did it as well as anyone who wasn't Don Adams could have, but
it just wasn't that great either. Some cute bits. Fun casting. (Kevin Nealon, Terence Stamp, Bill Murray and big LULZ for James Caan.) It just didn't have the bite of Buck Henry and Mel Brooks taking on the Cold War mentality. One awesome cameo, which I'll keep quiet.

I still look at Steve Carrell and see Peter Jacobson. It's weird.

Afterwards we wanted to go to Samovar for anther tea service, but the one there was a really annoyingly, loud, bad, free concert going on by Yerba Buena Gardens, so we took a cab back to the neighborhood and went to the one on 18th, although we ended up getting stuck in traffic because the cops picked that moment to ticket everyone on 18th by Dolores Park and they were actually trying to tow two cars at the same time, thereby blocking everything.

We finally got there. Hubby had the Matcha and bowl of Jook and I had a very yummy Portobello/Onion/Cheese sandwich with some Earl Grey.

Since we saw the promo for Madagascar 2 at the movie, hubby insisted we pick up the first one at Faye's on the way home. Fine. I'll probably be writing and on-line while we're watching it later.
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