karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Attn: Mods of House MD based LJ Communities

And any other interested parties:

I just found THIS posted to ppth_support.

I was not approached to ask permission to post to the Comm prior to the posting.

I'm not sure I'm on board with the premise, especially since this seems to be affiliated with the same convention that tried to sponsor a House-fic contest using the dreaded smushnames for pairings and attempting to discount H/W as a viable pairing.

The fact that they use ODOR as an example of an episode that "helped" people really sticks in my craw.

I'm deeply tempted to delete the post from the comm and send a snippy email stating my reasons for doing so. Have any of you mods been spammed with this thing and were any of you approached to ask permission, and what are you doing about it?

I don't want this to go the Wank of all flesh, but I feel kind of grossed out by the whole thing.

ETA: I've decided to delete the post.
If you're interested the original post is HERE
Tags: fandom, journal, wank

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