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Dr Who babble for The Stolen Earth-Lots of shippiness ahead.

First of all: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

OK, fine.

If Rusty wants to drag TW into my happily ship-free Dr. Who season. then I will respond by turning back into my Jack/Anybody but Ianto, ship-warring self, for which this episode was a gift from GOD!

2. He treats them exactly the same in terms of hugs and kisses.
3. He's been "meeting" men in bars. (And Ianto is right back to being possessive and whiney about it.)
4. He flirts with Sarah Jane
5. He leaves the minute he has the chance to get anywhere near the Doctor. (Who still doesn't really know he's there.) Jack is ALL ABOUT THE DOCTOR.
6. Upon leaving he doesn't say anything special to either of them that would differentiate their relationships in any way. No special looks, hugs, kisses. NOTHING.
7. Gwen has bigger balls than Ianto.
Yes, I realize that Gwen doesn't quite get the magnitude of the threat because she hasn't had the Dalek experience, but she does manage to get Ianto to man up. That "yes, maam" told me a lot about what that threesome relationship might actually be like.

So yeah, I'm a happy camper.

Plus it was just a great, exciting, intense, OMG! SCARY episode.

An extra squeeeee for Paul O'Grady.

Love for Harriet Jones redeeming herself.

I know there's gotta be some misery out there among the Rose!hating, anti Doctor/Rose contingent. I feel the anti-ship pain, but the way David & Billie play it just gets to me. I loved Rose being kind of bitchy about Martha. It was in character from School Reunion. I'm still hoping for some serious Jack/Rose time or at least a moment to acknowledge the whole immortality thing.

And the ENDING.

OMFG!!!! I totally didn't see that coming. But I haven't read anything that indicates that David Tennant isn't coming back for at least the next season, abbreviated as it might be....so WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!!!

Can't wait for next week.

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