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Meme a day 2008-Day 179-Music Meme-Ipod Shuffle

Ganked from travels_in_time

Put your music player on shuffle, write down the first ten songs that pop up, and then answer the questions.

1. Wake Up Alone-Amy Winehouse
2. Blue Moon-Cliff Richard
3. Prologue/Beautiful Girls-Follies-Original Cast Album
4. God Only Knows-Beach Boys
5. Carrickfergus-Bryan Ferry
6. If I Were a Carpenter-Bobby Darin
7. Concrete & Clay-Cliff Richard
8. Quit Playing Games With My Heart-Back Street Boys
9. Living In Harmony-Cliff Richard
10. My Songbird-Emmylou Harris.

1. Who does song 1 remind you of? (Wake Up Alone)
I don't know the song that well, but when I think of Amy, I think of a John Barrowman interview where he compares her to a fucked up Dusty Springfield.

2. What part of your life does song 2 describe the best? (Blue Moon)
My first year in San Francisco, before I met hubby. I was very alone.

3. If you could dedicate song 3 to someone, who would it be? (Prologue/Beautiful Girls-Follies)
All of us with the body-image issues. Plus all my show-tune queens of whatever gender.

4.Do song 4's lyrics mean anything to you personally? (God Only Knows)
Me and Hubby all the way. It's sappy as hell, but it's perfect.

5. Why do you like song 5? (Carrickfergus)
I'm amused by Bryan Ferry attempting to embody a drunken, dying Irishman. It doesn't quite work and there's better versions of the song out there, Van Morrison for instance.

6.When did you first start listening to the artist of song 6? (If I Were a Carpenter)
I fell in love with Bobby Darin when I was growing up in New Jersey listening to WNEWAM 1130 in New York. Frank, Dean, Sammy etc. The first song was probably Mack The Knife and there's just no coming back from those horns. That being said, while I also like his folkie stuff and almost everything else the man did, I actually hate this song pretty hard. It's just annoying musically, lyrically etc.

How many albums do you have from the artist of song 7? (Concrete & Clay)
Over twenty. Possibly over 30, including compilations, more than any other artist in my collection. What can I say, the guy's been making music since 1958 or so and he's still putting out new stuff.

7.How are number 8 and 9 similar? (Quit Playing Games With My Heart and Living In Harmony)
They are both extremely tuneful, melodic, easy on the ear, etc. I'm just a big ol' pop tart.

9. What is number 10's meaning? (My Songbird)
Not a clue. I don't know the song at all. I just have that album on the Ipod and it came up.

10. Which song out of the 10 is your favorite?
I'm going with Concrete & Clay. It's a fast, happy, up-tempo pop song.

11.What song out of the 10 is your least favorite?
If I Were A Carpenter.

As mentioned earlier. I think it's just a godawful song. It's kind of sad that it was his last hit. :(

12. Which song means the most to you and why?
God Only Knows. Because it's me and hubby and because hubby's actually sung it to me.

13. Would you dedicate any of these to your love/crush?
God Only Knows. It really is true.

14. Would you dedicate any of these to your enemy?
Quit Playing Games With My Heart would have been appropriate at one point during the deterioration of the relationship when it was still being pretended that nothing was actually happening, even though the choices that would lead to pain and destruction had already been made.

Now, I'd say Wake Up Alone. Sorry, I'm a spiteful wench and it's what they deserve.

15. Do these top ten songs fairly reflect your music collection?
More or less. Cliff & Bobby would have to be represented along with at least one show tune and some mindless pop music. I'm surprised that Tom Jones didn't show up.
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