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I saw a woman crying on BART this morning.

She was in the back row of the car I was on, in the window seat, clearly crying and it looked like it had been going on for some time. Red eyes, nose, etc.

I waited until the seat opened up and I sat down next to her and said "It'll be all right. If they fire you, it's the best thing that ever happened." Mind you, I have absolutely NO IDEA if her crying was job-related, but since it was morning commute and she looked professionally dressed, and god knows I've been close to tears on my way to the Desk of Doom, I thought it was a good guess. Then I shut up and opened my smut folder for a few seconds.

We both got out at Embarcadero. She said "Thank you for your kindness," and I said, "This too shall pass," which is lame, but what my father used to say. I made sure she got ahead of me in the crowd so she wouldn't think I was stalking her, since saying anything could have been construed as
creepy enough.

I hope she's ok.
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