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Drabble-House MD Stacy/Cameron - Adult for language

Title: Confrontation
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Stacy/Cameron
Prompt: Consent
Word Count:150
Rating: Adult for language.
Beta-ed by rivers_bendand her magic cliché buster.
A/N-Takes place during "The Mistake" Spoilers for "Hunting" and "The Mistake".
Written for Drabble Tag at Femslash100

Stacy has had it with Greg’s duplicity and Chase’s evasiveness. The last thing she needs is attitude from Greg’s would-be girlfriend.

Dr. Cameron tries to deflect the question about sleeping with Chase, and does it so badly that Stacy has to spoon-feed her the proper answer in case anyone asks. The snotty tone in Cameron’s voice pushes Stacy past the edge of civility.

She grabs the girl by the wrist and lowers her voice.

“I hear you were so messed up on crystal meth you had no idea who you were screwing and didn’t much care, except I’m sure you wanted it to be Greg. It wasn’t and it’s not going to be. The closest you’ll ever get to fucking him would be fucking me.”

The stunned silence and flushed cheeks suit Cameron and Stacy realizes she’s just a bit flushed herself as she heads back to the conference room.

Tags: drabble, drabbletag
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