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The animation in the early scenes was amazing, but whimsy isn't my big thing and the people on the ship brought up all my body image issues. ICK. And how is that really a happy ending?

Tour De France

So far so good. Two stages. Two non-American winners. YAY THOR! I'm enjoying, but where's Al? Craig is just...blah.

Dr. Who/Torchwood
Well, we've already been through that in the Who-babble post, so let's keep the discussion of details over there for the unspoiled who are still stuck with only Sci-fi or BBCA-A. I am being a good girl and not going wanky in other people's review posts. If any one wants to throw down, they can come to me.

I just re-watched KKBB...we never did find out what exactly Gwen had in mind to tell Jack when it looked like she and John were going Kaboom!

Three chapters done, including fake fanfic with fake comments. Need to clean up some continuity and keep my momentum going. And no fan-fic plot bunnies to contend with so, once again, Thanks to RTD. I know some of you are hurting right now, for various reasons, but my personal brand of vindictive wenchery was not triggered to write anything, aside from the review post itself.

Hubby and I went out for 8 miles today. I'm gonna hurt tomorrow.
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