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Sunday at the Mint

Very mellow, which was nice after the last few weeks of happy chaos. Hung out with Big Frank (yes, I've forgiven him for the whole Barrowman Is Coming debacle) toddyboi, Sebastian, Manny C, June (I think that's how you spell it,) and a new guy. Nice, but a little too nice. Julie and David showed up as well, which is always fun, but seeing the way Julie looks now makes me sad.
Back in the day, I had a massive girl-crush on her and now she's not that person at all. I still care about her, but not in that "I'd hit it like it was stealing my paycheck," kind of way.

Song List
Wondrous Place-Billy Fury
Angel In Your Arms-Hot
All Out of Love-Air Supply
Opus 17-Four Seasons-For Todd who likes when I sing it.
Sorry, vanillafluffy, no Meat Loaf. Maybe next time. Maybe you should come out to visit me and we should do "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" together. :)

Things started picking up the whackiness when George, Kitty, Shane et al showed up. This time George organized a Christmas in July set, which from memory was
George-It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year
Shane-Holly Jolly Christmas
Sebastian-Oh Holy Night
Me-Mistletoe & Wine
Kitty-Wonderful Christmastime
Daddy Dave & Richard-Walking Round in Women's Underwear (You really have to have been there.)

I got the sushi and went home. We had Sunshine State from Netflix, which was OK. Lots of good actors. Edie Falco was awesome and Angela Basset is a freakin' force of nature.

One another movie related note---One more thing about Wall-E:

Sort of a Barrowmania connection, because if you read his book you know that John's first real role in a musical in high school was playing Barnaby in Hello Dolly, and if you get a chance to hear the Jerry Herman special he hosted/appeared in, you can hear him singing "Put On Your Sunday Clothes." What really cracks me up is the use of the movie, which was generally considered a flop at the time and one of the last of the Big Budget Musicals that killed the genre as well as the studio system. You'll notice we don't see Streisand or Walter Matthau at all. I do think it's nice that the movie and the score will now be exposed to all the Pixar movie goers who might not know it otherwise. Because whatever you think of Streisand in the role, it's a helluva score.

Having dinner with my sister tonight. I haven't seen her since my cousin Josh's wedding, and a lots changed since then, including my cousin's marriage breaking up.
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