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Good times, bad times, you know I've had share.

Just a bit of catch up.

Good times:
Went to the Mint on Sunday night as soon as Hubby's motorcycle roared away. Sunday was the day of the Castro Street Fair and there was a lot of good energy at the Mint and some of the gang that I haven't seen in a long time. My friend Peggy who I crush on was there and I lent her my Season 2 House DVD's. I'm so proud of myself for recruiting her into the cult. There was also a cute gal getting drunk and celebrating her 28th birthday. I can't even remember my 28th birthday. Anyway, I sang and hung out and just had a great happy giddy time.

Bad times:
Last Friday, I spent the better part of my day working on a Paris trip for one my clients. He wanted to bring his girlfriend along. Her name is (so help me, including the spelling) Brandee, but as far as I'm concerned, she is not a fine girl. Mr. Lawyer basically wanted a free ticket on miles or an upgrade from coach for her. I kept calling United and they kept telling me "NO" on every flight and combination I asked for. I conveyed this to his admin, who told him. He even made her come to the office on Saturday to check more flights, which were also not available.
When I got in on Monday, I could see that something had been done to his reservation, but I couldn't tell what, so I called the admin thinking he'd made a change to the record.
What he did was call United on Sunday and get EVERYTHING he wanted including a cheaper Business Class ticket for himself on the flight he wanted that I said was sold out and a free Business Class ticket on miles for Brandee. He then went ballistic on the admin who passed it on to me in spades. By the time she was done with me I was literally on the floor cowering behind a chair.

Not a great way to start the week. I had to tell the travel manager for the law firm as well as the regional manager. The general consensus is that United does sometimes open seats 24 hours prior to the flight and he could have just lucked out. We got our United rep to write an email stating that and also that the Mileage people in the call center don't always remember to offer the free tickets for Double Miles. Of course I didn't remember to mention that the guy was willing to do double miles either. The only good thing about this is that the Travel Manager who I've generally considered a two-faced adversary was (as far as I can tell) extremely supportive of me.

I forwarded the United Rep's note to the admin with a bit of groveling and haven't heard from her since.

My On-line life.
I'm way, way, way behind in my LJ reading and commenting and also in my personal emails. I'm not ignoring you if you're waiting to hear from me or think I'm not commenting on something. Once I got bit by the Kol Nidre bunny last Friday, I was off LJ in case someone else had the same idea. I'm still surprised that no one else did. It seemed so obvious to me. Of course I don't think Wilson's Judaism has been mentioned since "Damned If You Do", unless you count his use of Mazel Tov in "Histories".

So I didn't start reading my f-list again until yesterday and then the fit hit the shan. I'm mostly caught up, but there's a lot of fics that didn't grab me on the summary and I'll probably never read them. If you think I should see something, you might want to comment and rec it to me.
Luckily there's a lot of multi-parters on the f-list that just don't appeal to me.

I'm still not feeling the H/W love so that muse is more or less on hiatus.
Here's what's on my queue at the moment.
1. Drunkfics for fallen_arazil
2. Costume Party fic (It's a surprise.)
3. A truly evil H/W/Cam for the backsexy fic-a-thon
4. Stacy/Cameron hate!sex for House_Femfest
5. My entry in the hw_fest My prompt has to do with House dreaming of Peter Muller (RSL in Swing Kids) in the workcamp, so I think it will be something not typical for my H/W ouevre.
6. Birthday fic for starhawk2005

That should keep me busy while House is on hiatus and we're waiting for pod!Wilson to return for his sojourn aboard the alien ship that has abducted him.

I'll be requesting ideas for the shopping list for the party so think about what you'd like me to serve in the way of comestibles and libations. That post will be in about two weeks.

And as if I haven't had enough fun this week....I'm having a mammogram tonight.

Thanks for listening. I love you all.
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