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I'm going to an Mbira concert tonight

This is an Mbira:

Here is a Wicki Article with more about the Mbira than you will ever want to know.

And a You Tube clip.

It's an instrument of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

Right now my husband is really into playing the Mbira, listening to the Mbira etc. (This follows a period of photographic obsession. At least playing the Mbira doesn't involve taking pictures of me.)

The Mbira is an incredibly soothing instrument to listen to. However going to a private residence and listening to it being played for HOURS is not really something I'm all that enthused about. However, hubby was very cool about going out to dinner with my sister, sister's hubby and kid, and this is one of those things that makes a marriage work.


In a barely related story, I'm wearing what should be my "fat pants," and they're really tight. This means I either need to get some new clothes or get my shit together and drop some fat. Hubby has told me since very early in our relationship "I will always love you, no matter how fat you get," but he also knows how unhappy I am when the fat/body image thing is running my life, which I think it's going to until I get this under control.

I need to find a way to curtail the stress eating, especially the Jelly Belly scarfing, give up the sugar soda again, and try to find some way to short-circuit the night-eating, which is a variation of the stress eating.
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