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Meme a day 2008-Day 189-Alphabetical Characters

Ganked from failegaidin

Are you a book lover? A TV fangirl? A movie aficionado? Put your mind to the test, and list some of your favorite fictional characters - one for each letter of the alphabet.

A. Al Swearingen (Deadwood)
B. Bertie Wooster (Jeeves & Wooster)
C. Chris Skelton (Life On Mars)
D. Danny Ocean (Ocean's 11)
E. Edwina Monsoon (Absolutely Fabulous)
F. Felix the Cat
G. Greg House (House MD)
H. Holly Golightly (Breakfast At Tifanny's)
I. Irina Derevko (Alias)
J. Jack Harkness (Torchwood)
K. Kaylee Fry (Firelfy)
L. Lenny Briscoe (Law & Order)
M. Martha Jones (Dr. Who)
N. Ninth Doctor (Dr. Who)
O. Owen Harper (Torchwood)
P. PC Andy (Torchwood)
Q. Queenie (Blackadder)
R. Robert Chase (House MD)
S. Sam Tyler (Life On Mars)
T. Trixie (Deadwood)
U. Uncle Floyd (The Uncle Floyd Show)
V. Victor Laszlo (Casablanca)
W. Wild Bill Hickock (Deadwood)
X. Xena (Xena-Warrior Princess)
Y. Yen (Oceans 11)
Z. Zoe Washburn (Firefly)

(Yeah, I know, the House characters should go by their last names, but I had to be consistent and this was how I got the meme.)
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