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LJ weirdness of the day.

So there's a new comment in my in-box this morning.

It's a reply to the comment on my RPS story, "Heat Wave" that set off the whole RPS wank of 2006.

The comment reads in full:
C S McMurrough PM by Chas Mc # re: Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far Hi there, I just wanted to post a quick, but very big, thankyou to Mark and all others that helped to expose the deplorable practices of Sony BMG.

The comment comes from hannahyvehu.

So I've got a triple WTF going on here.

1. Why would it show up in a comment to a story I posted two freaking years ago, in a comment chain that took place in another comm altogether and specifically as a comment to long comment that called me all kinds of bad names for writing and posting RPS in the first place? WTF?

2. It's not an advertisement or solicitation of any kind and I can't figure out what the hell it's supposed to mean. WTF?

3. Who is this "person." If you look at their LJ, the only actual post is absolutely (to me) incoherent, although I must say the tags are amusing. WTF?

Has anybody else gotten one of these?
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