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Meme a day 2008-Day 195-Favorite Movie Meme

Ganked from all_you_wanted

1. List your top ten favorite movies ( 10-1, in order of how much you like 'em)
2. Use one sentence and only one to describe why you think it's good
3. Tag four people and see how many of you love the same movies.

Except you all know that I don't tag people.

Breakfast at Tifanny's
Because it's so perfectly beautiful and glamourous and sexy and unreal.

Apocalypse Now
Martin Sheen's voice and the hypnotic, dangerous brilliance of the script itself.

To Live And Die In LA
Best fucking car chase ever, and William Peterson is so hot, it's scary.

The Philadelphia Story
Kate, Cary & Jimmy, plus a horde of hysterical support plus wit and glamour up the wazoo.

The Big Sleep
Bogie & Bacall in the most confusing script ever, but who cares when they're talking dirty about race horse?

The Bandwagon
My favorite musical because Fred/Cyd are sexy as hell and Oscar Levant/Nanette Fabray/Jack Buchanan rock my world, plus it's got "That's Entertainment."

The pinnacle of Sci-fi stylishness and post-modern noir angst, with Harrison Ford at his sexiest, plus a vast array of quirky brilliance in all the supporting roles.

All About Eve
I know I'm repeating myself but I'm just a sucker for combos of wit and glamour and incredible acting, not to mention a bit of femslash subtext that jumps out at me when I watch it now.

Out of Africa
An accent part I can actually stand Meryl Streep in, because she was awesome, Redford was gorgeous and OMG Klaus Maria Brandauer, plus a score to die for.

Out of the Past
This is what noir is all about, and when Mitchum looks at Jane Greer, it's melty-time.

Expresso Bongo
Young, sexy Cliff Richard, brutal, sexy Laurence Harvey, scathing satire of the early British pop scene, and a wonderful score, especially if you can find a copy that has all the songs, not just Cliff's numbers.

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