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Meme a day 2008-Day 196-Another TV Meme

Ganked from pokeitlikejello

Choose five series (no peeking before you choose them), list them, and then answer the questions behind the cut.

1. House MD
2. Torchwood
3. Dr. Who
4. Alias
5. Life On Mars

1. Which is your favorite series from your list? And why?
EEEP! I've spent the last two years trying to re-affirm my devotion to House MD in the face of increasingly bad writing and with the advent of the Newbies, bad acting as well.

My Torchwood/Dr. Who fetish is primarily Barrow-mania based and even I have to admit to certain flaws in the over-all writing and direction of both.
Alias was always a guilty pleasure that would evaporate if I thought of it too long.

The two series of LOM, when taken as a whole work of art are pretty much flawless. So, at least if I'm being honest today: Life On Mars.

2. If you were to pair two characters from 1 and 4, who would they be?
Well, I've already written Chase/Sark.(Never doing that again!) I'd probably want to take my favorite characters from each one so it would have to be House and Jack Bristow, although that's a damn hard pairing to see romantically. Jack/House snarkfest then, and if you need a romantic/sexual hook-up, I'd go with Dixon and Cuddy because they could both use some loving.

3. What is one thing you'd like to change about 3's plotline?
Obviously, I want Donna back, or at the very least NOT to have lost everything she gained by traveling with the Doctor

4. If both main characters of 2 and 5 were falling off a cliff, which one would you save?
How funny is that question? There's no point in saving Jack and Sam is already dead. I'd try to save Sam so he'd perceive me as a rescuer in his hallucination.

5. Which event was the most horrible for you in 1?
Can I say ALL OF SEASON 4? One event? Tie between the Love Hurts date and Tritter being a bastard to Chase in Finding Judas.

6. Which is your least favorite character of 2?
Anyone who can't answer that question loudly and in unison hasn't been paying attention.

7. If the antagonist of 3 were to rape the main character of 1, what would you do?
Simm!Master rapes House? I'd go to my bunk. Immediately.

8. What song reminds you of 5?
Another obvious answer...or any of the songs used on the show, especially Ballroom Blitz.

9. Of 1, 3, and 5, which is the easiest to think about?
Dr. Who is freshest in my mind from the Finale, although bits of it are hard to think about. I'd say that's where I'm getting the most plot bunnies right now, so it wins.

10. Are the protagonists of 2 and 4 similar?
Jack Harkness & Sydney Bristow. They're both very attractive and wouldn't that make a hot crossover pairing? In between hot sex, they could compare notes on their abandonment issues and relationships with their parental figures.
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