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Catch-up post-Busy weekend.

FRIDAY-Work crap

A bit of work stuff. New and wonderful co-worker Steve has some heavy-duty emotional stuff going on right now and had to go home as soon as I showed up on Friday. Luckily, the lovely Lucy was available to come over, which is always fun as she is a fellow LJ-er, writer, and all around cool dudette.

The day wasn't too insane. Actually it was the day I finally broke through the sugar/caffeine detox barrier and was able to function without feeling like every cell in my body was screaming for one of the chemicals to make me functional. This meant I actually had to barrel through some of the crap work I'd been putting off because I was so deeply in detox zombie land that I didn't want to do it for fear for screwing up and also because I didn't want to do it and had not enough will to fight my own indolence.

Naturally there had to be a Limo Crisis involving #1 Problem Child, who had me put the limo on authorized wait for two consecutive hours and then came out of the building and claimed he couldn't find the car at the same time the limo company was telling me the driver was sitting right there and I'd given him the car #. Apparently he was looking for the wrong company even though I'd put the name on the itinerary.

Did I mention that another one of my clients wants me to call Avis and make sure her car isn't red?

SATURDAY-Meeting secondsilk.

Well first I had to get up and do some laundry, which in this case means carrying two bags full over to the laundry to have it done for me and being so far behind I actually had to go to the laundrymat downstairs and do a basket myself.

The apartment is a death trap right now. Hubby is in the middle of trying to get us a litle bit de-cluttered, which seems mostly to result in boxes of books on the floor where they block halls and are easy to trip over. If a fire marshall saw it, we'd definitely get a citation. He's also selling off some of his older, less-used instruments, because (of course) there's a new instrument he wants to buy, so this means a lot of Craig's List action in terms of phone calls and people stopping by the pigsty to see the goods.

I went downtown around 12N to meet secondsilk at the hostel where she was staying and whisk her away from Downtown to the Mission where I did my patented karaokegal Tour of the Mission and Castro which includes Mission Delores, Chula Street (always good for a Squeeeee) murals, Dolores Park, Castro Street and always ends up at the Mint. It was a double bonus as there was an art-show going on as well. Karaoke & art are such a natural combination.

secondsilk hails from Australia and turned out to be completely fabulous, including getting up and singing her ass off! Way to go secondsilk. Hubby had joined us for some of the walking and then met us for dinner at Il Cantuccio. YumYumYum. The great dangerous temptation at Il Cantuccio is the bread with a green deeping sauce that is so killer you can have yourself completely stuffed before the entry ever shows up. I managed to resist totally. I have a grilled veggie appetizer and a Chicken Cacchitorria for dinner.

I walked her back down to BART and then went home, where we watched some more 1st Series New Who. The Long Game. NOT one of my favorite episodes. The Adam character is clearly unlikeable, but I don't like the way he's treated at the end either. Interesting note, when the Doctor first meets Jack, he asks Rose, "Where did you find this one," presumably a reference to Adam, and an expectation that Jack will turn out to be another loser. Or am I hearing to much in an inflection?

Sunday-Hair and Quartango

Up early because Hubby was doing Aids Walk and I had to get my hair done.

I went over to the East Bay reading LOM smut. REALLY HOT SMUT. Threesome smut. (Sam/Gene/Missus)
Sebastian met me at Lake Merritt and we proceded to make my nasty roots go away. David came over while I was sitting at Sebastian's computer with my hair full of dye. That's always an attractive look. David is a Who-vian and all-around Sci-fi buff, but not an on-liner and as far as I can tell not a shipper. He thought the Rose/Doctor was resolution was a brilliant way of wrapping up her story. After my hair was rinsed and I was looking all Ann Margaret the three of us went to Jim's for brunch, making the waitress think that Sebastian, David and I had our own little threesome thing going because Sebastian had never been there with both of us at the same time.

Sebastian took me back to the Bart Station. Since I did Karaoke with secondsilk, I owed hubby some time, but he wasn't home yet, so I went down to Cafe Petra to try and catch up on the Ianto is a Mary Sue wank and do some stuff with my Ipod.

Hubby came in after a while and told me he was going to try and sleep, but then he called me to say that hadn't so I might as well come up. I cooked dinner, and then we went out for the evening's entertainment.

I don't get many perks out of my job anymore, but when something becomes available, I try and go for it and our American Rep offered two tickets to see Quartango perform as part of the Summer In The City program being presented by the San Francisco Arts Commission. Hubby and I dressed up and took and cab and went to Davies Symphony Hall, where we had absolutely amazing seats, including the fact that the two seats right in front of us were empty for two consecutive rows, so our view was awesome. The music was wonderful and the dancing of course was brilliant. The couple is married in real life and their work together, the love and humour and love for the dance were evident. I did wonder how much hair goop Fabian had to use to get his hair to that level of gleaming glory. Roxana had amazing sexy costumes, and I could just imagine the chaos of getting her in and out of the different dresses and how hard it must be to dance in the freaking high heels.

Here's a clip to give you an idea...

But wait, there's more-Monday Morning-Fitness Assessment.

So it's been a good week on the food front and everday during the week I either went to the gym and did cardio or walked to work, but I also have to face facts folks. The same period of time that I've been doing all the stress eating, I've been coasting on the workouts. Yeah, I'm going to the gym. No, I'm not really pushing myself. So, now that there's a new Crunch right downstairs from where I work, with shiny new equipment, it's time to try and get my ass in gear with the Squeeeeee Odyssey as my thinspiration.

This meant meeting with a trainer to get a fitness assessment including the fun part where they squeeze your fat. Oh well. I was actually less concerned with my BMI than how bad my balance is. OK, we all know I'm a bit unbalanced, but there were no ship-war topics being discussed and I was really having trouble with some of the things she asked me to do.

Thursday I go back and she will give me a new routine and bring me up to speed on all the shiny machines.

The good news is that the Vietnamese sandwich place on the corner makes fresh squeezed veggie juice, which of late is my favorite way to start the work part of the morning. Best news is that Steve is here and doing OK. He still needs your good vibes so please send some his way.


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