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My third Fandom!!Wank appearance!

Yes folks the whole "Is Ianto a Mary Sue" brouhaha has reached the hallowed halls of Fandom!Wank itself.

It's happening Right here

Frankly the giddy euphoria of the first two times has worn off, and I could just as easily have done without the whole thing. I feel I did not engage anyone in the thread who didn't address me or allude to me directly.

One question I do have, the two posts on the subject alluded to in the wank post, is IF the way to prove that Ianto is not a Mary Sue or even RTD'S Mary Sue is to yell loudly to the roof-tops that shagging Jack doesn't make him special, then why does it send so many of the J/Iers into paroxysisms of pleasure whenever it is alluded to onscreen and especially why are they all so ferociously opposed to the idea of any one else (Gwen, cough, cough) doing it? (Yeah, yeah. Rhys. Fine. You got ANYTHING else?)

So, Fandom Wank members, is three a lot or am I still merely a piker in the great world of wank?
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