karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Follow up on the nonrefundable ticket no-show drama.

Feel free to completely disregard the travel bull-shit that follows:

So, I actually managed to get the tickets unsuspended, which cost $100.00 additional per ticket, and did I mention they'd already made a chance to these tickets? I freakin' BEG people not to take the nonrefundables and they never listen to me and they always end up spending more because of the changes.

Anyway, now they have round-trip nonrefundable tickets with an unused outbound flight. I've been told that I have to exchange then to one-way tickets which would mean another add-collect, plus penalty, plus service fee times three tickets.

I checked with the American rep, just to make sure and he said, NO, those are the rules etc etc.
Which would have been fine had he not concluded with THIS piece of self-pitying crapola, so even though he helped me get the tickets opened, right now he's definitely ON NOTICE.


I’m sure you understand the difficult times that we as an airline are going through at the moment with oil prices these days so we are very limited in what fees we can waive and unfortunately, this would not be one of those times….sorry. :(

Seriously. I want to kill somebody. And you wonder why I get caught up in these little fandom dramas? Because it's easier than dealing with this shit.
Tags: desk of doom, travel, work

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