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Here's my squick: Fundraising

Can't do it. Not for any of the runs I do that are affiliated with any number of great causes. I'll support all my friends doing Team In Training, Joints in Motion, AIDS Marathon, Avon Walk etc, but it's been close to ten years since I actually asked for sponsorship. I know how many people are really hard up right and it just feels tacky, especially since everybody probably has a friend who's already hitting them up.

Which, of course leads us to:

Plate To Plate


Project Open Hand

It's a good cause. It's local. It's grassroots. All that good stuff.

If you're interested...

Click to donate.

No fund-raising goal. No letters going out. This is the last time I'll mention the money.

I would like to finish the 5-K in 45 minutes and train to jog the whole thing instead of taking walk breaks. I need to start pushing myself again.

The End.
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