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Adventures in Barrowmania-and a few other things

Yesterday was quite lovely here in San Francisco, actually warm enough for me to wear a t-shirt, which in this case was the concert t-shirt with John looking gorgeous on the front, that hllangel brought me back from the concerts in the UK.

One hit outside Katz's bagels on 16th Street, an older gent who turned out to be Bert Katz, father of the owner of Katz's and also a well-known photographer asked me "Who is John Barrowman." I started with "Have you ever heard of Doctor Who?" and got the blank stare, so I babbled a little about he's a singer, actor, dancer who mostly works in the UK, but I could tell I was losing him already. No success there.

However, later on, when I went to Walgreens to pick up my pills, and had actually forgotten I was wearing the t-shirt, the girl at the pharmacy counter said, "Oh, I love him," and pointed at my shirt. We proceeded to have a mini-Squeeeee-fest while she got the pills and the line in back of me started getting really pissed and telling her stop talking to me and hurry up. We completely ignored them and finished our conversation with a high-five.

So we're 50/50 on the day.

We got there in time to witness some drama at the ticket counter where apparently the computers had gone kerfluey and all the people who'd bought on-line tickets for The Dark Knight were being told something they didn't want to hear. People were screaming and running around. All very amusing, although the ticket counter guy told us that someone had called him a racial name, when he told them about the computer problem. We got our tickets and saw Hellboy in a practically empty theater. Poor Hellboy, Batman gets all the love? WTF?

Anyway the movie was II was pretty good, for what it was, but none of the effects were able to blow me away and not all of the humor really worked for me. On the other hand, BIG POINTS for the Barry Manilow song. :)

I thought they were playing Sapien as the gay confidante, so it was sort of odd when he came up all lovey dovey for the Princess. Come on, he was played by David Hyde Pierce in the first movie. That actress looked incredibly familiar, but IMDB reveals nothing.

After movies, I was dizzy hungry so we went to Mel's where I had a half a tuna salad sandwich and a cup of cream of mushroom soup. I've been really good on the food thing during the week, but weekends are very dangerous, so I'm trying to stay in touch with what's going into my mouth.

We went to the Ferry Building and walked around the Farmer's Market, feeling very virtuous for supporting local growers, not contributing to global warming, and all that happy horse-shit I got some good stuff. Mostly I wanted to concetrate on the stuff that when you get it in the supermarket is all pre-packaged and sometimes ends up being nasty. I bought big bags of strawberries and cherry tomatoes, both of which ended up being incredible.

Came home, went to Petra for a while and then to Bi-rite.

We finished up our re-watch of Dr. Who, Series 1 and started Series 2 with The Christmas Invasion. Got a lot of writing done, but NOT on the novel, although I finally worked up the guts to look at the notes beta_goddess has given me on the first two chapters of the novel and lived to tell the tale. I have a lot of work to do and I'm still not sure the premise is going to work, but I'm willing to keep trying, even though my instincts are to give in to all the plot bunnies that are still nibbling at my ankles and stick with the fanfic, which at least I know I do well enough to make the intended audience happy.

Karaoke in a a few hours. Will report back later.
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