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Accomplishments of the day thus far:

1. Nails done, along with pedicure.
2. Went to the office and removed half-eaten salad that I had left open on a shelf. Took it to the compost bin in the kitchen.
3. Gym: 1.15 miles on treadmill in about 18 minutes.
4. Ferry Building/Farmers Market-More fresh fruits and veggies.
5. Picked up a 1/2 Tandoori chicken for lunch.
6. Sat on love seat by back stairs listening to hubby play mbira and reading fanfic.
7. Completed Meme A Day
Not bad considering I also managed to forget to take any clothes to change into after the treadmill and that I had a OHMYGOD-WHERE ARE MY KEYS!!! meltdown after the Indian restaurant.

The bad news is I have to deal with cousins tomorrow AND mom on Tuesday. If I get through both of these without a dumpster dive into the sugar/starch/caffeine vortex, it will be another miracle, but I'm really hoping. I got through all of last week without any major work Drah-ma, and I even got some nice words from one of my nemesis. I'm back into most of the size 14 pants and generally feeling better about the carcass. I'm not sure how long I can keep up the current pace, but I'm using the Squeeeeeee Odyssey in January as my "thinspiration."

Hubby has gotten obsessed with Eureka. It feeds the part of him that still misses Northern Exposure I think. I like it well enough, but don't find myself emotionally invested,which is good. I can't handle another emotional attachment and I'm certainly not looking for another ship-war. We're zipping through the 1st and 2nd season DVDS. I like seeing Joe Morton who was the Patient of the Week Senator Gary Wright in Role Model during the first season of House, but everytime I look at Ed Quinn, all I can think is "Wow, he looks just like James Brolin in Marcus Welby MD."
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