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Creative time wasting

I had a major flurry of RPS creativity starting this week. The damn thing had been stalled for months. Possibly in the face of early season three lack of H/W love or maybe I just wasn't ready to write it. Anyway, it finally chugged to life and I spent the better part of the last three days in a frenzy, including a final 8 or 9 hours of ink-writing. I still think better on the old pen and paper. So to all the folks who've been asking when the RPS will arrive, the answer is "Soon."

Last week, I finished a hand-written draft of a House/Cuddy drunk!fic for fallen_arazil I've been meaning to do the type up of that all week and just never got to it. I meant to do it today, but my F-list was calling so I had to attend to that because since I was working on smut on Friday, I was behind three days and I have a bad feeling that Monday will not be conducive to leisurely LJ reading. It was another speed-read so I may have skippped stuff. I hate to say it, but when I do this, the HW is most likely to be skipped over. There's just so much of it, that unless you've got a summary that grabs me by the throat or you are a writer I'm already enamoured of, I'm onto the the next entry pretty quickly. If you think I need to read something, please comment and rec it to me.

So I managed to have some email chit chat and catch up on my LJ and get about 2 1/2 pages of "Scotch and Soda" on my laptop. I need to run out and do errands. Gotta wake up hubby at 5-ish. Karaoke tonight and then maybe a few more hours of typing.

My next mission, and I've already accepted it, is for the House_Femfest

Life is good for the time being and I love you guys.
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