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Meme A Day 2008-Day 219-The Song Lyric Meme

I've been putting it off, but since candesgirl posted it last night, here we go:

Put your Ipod on shuffle and pick the first 25 songs. List a line of lyrics from each song, the more random, the better. See if anyone can guess the song! NO CHEATING!

1. Now every son-of-a-bitch is a snake in the grass. Class-Chicago-Movie Soundtrack

2. Going out with other girls was always such a bore, but since I fell in love with you I need you more and more.

3. You wake up wired and draw on your makeup and the city breathes. Bop Til You Drop-Rick Springfield

4. You say we been like strangers, but I`m not the others you can hang by your fingers.

5. He's light and fragile and feathered sky blue, so thin and graceful the sun shines through. This Little Bird-Nancy Sinatra

6. We move like cagey tigers. We couldn't get closer than this. Lovecats-More humiliation from my ownership of Paul Anka-Rock Swings.

7. Listen to the bird who sings it to the tree, and then when you've heard him see if you agree.

8. Father, forgive me, I tried not to do it. Turned over a new leaf, then tore right through it. It's A Sin-Paul Anka version. (Blushes with embarrassment over prediliction for bizarre covers.)

9. How come he died so young, or was he very old? Is the body still warm? Is it already cold?

10. This one thing I will vow ya, I'd rather die than to live without ya. Mary, Mary-The Monkees

11. He rode an old grey mare called Bess, searchin' for a damsel in distress. Just to see if he could set her free.

12. Long ago and oh so far away, I fell in love with you, before the second show. Superstar-The Carpenters

13. You'll see Amarillo. Gallup, New Mexico. Flagstaff, Arizona. Don't forget Pomona. Barstow, San Bernadino. Route 66-George Maharis

14. You think I've sold out, dead right I've sold out. I've just been waiting for the right offer. Sunset Boulevard-John Barrowman

15. Do you love me, as I love you? Are you my life to be, my dream come true? In The Still Of The Night-John Barrowman..

16. In Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly happen. The Rain In Spain-My Fair Lady-Original Cast Album

17. But it's too late to say you're sorry. How would I know, why should I care? She's Not There-The Zombies

18. She used to be a diplomat, but now she's down the laundromat. Highly Strung-Spandau Ballet

19. Tell your ma, tell your pa. I'm gonna send you back to Arkansas. What'd I Say-Trini Lopez

20. I can't imagine anything that's better. The world is ours whenever we're together.

21. Loud, loutish lover, treat her kindly.(Though she needs you more than she loves you.) I Know It's Over-The Smiths

22. I thought my life was complete, but look what you've doin' to me.

23. Do my foolish alibis bore you? Well, I'm not too clever I just adore you. Call Me Irresponsible-Buddy Greco

24. Ain't nobody gonna take my place. Whips and chains don't leave no trace.

25. Meeting Mr. Right, the man of my dreams, the one who showed me true love or at least it seems. Finally-CeCe Penniston

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