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I want my vacation....

But I can't start until I finish a shit-load of crap, mostly limo requests, some of them international. My blood sugar level is plummenting rapidly increasing the likelihood of some epic screwup that will call Steve and Lucy to call me screaming next week.

I'm going to be here at least another hour trying to finish this crap. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Just so you know, I did survive the week without a binge and without missing a workout day.

Looking forward to seeing kijikun and hllangel tomorrow, and working out with Peggy (my girl-crush/karaoke krony) on Monday and getting lots of work on my novel done, uninterrupted by any of the self-created drah-ma that screwed up my last attempt at a week to myself.
Tags: desk of doom, exercise, food, whinging, whining, work

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