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Meme a Day 2008-Day 223-Failed Crushes Meme

Ganked from neontehsheep

List five or more of your fictional crushes, and then list five reasons why it wouldn't work out in real life.

Please note, hubby wants me to stipulate that the first two reasons for all of these should be that I'm married and I love my husband.

Greg House
1. That vicodin addiction-no so good for the sex life.
2. Jealous, passive-aggressive Wilson.
3. Jealous, scary/stalkery Cameron
4. Unresolved Stacey issues.
5. I get tired of beard burn.

James Wilson
1. Jealous House.
2. He gets clinging and possessive
3. I'm not fucked up enough for him.
4. He gets pissy when I suggest he should work out a little.
5. Unresolved Amber issues.

Captain Jack Harkness.

1. Jealous, whining, possessive, clinging, passive-aggressive, scary/stalkery Ianto.
2. Jealous, whining, possessive, clinging, passive-aggressive, scary/stalkery me.
3. The Doctor snaps his fingers. Jack goes running.
4. I catch him using Grecian formula.
5. He gets pissy when I ask to use the rift to get back at high-school crush.

Owen Harper
1. He's dead.
2. Before he was dead, he was a bit of a womanizer.
3. He catches me trying to flirt with Jack.
4. I can't handle the climate in Cardiff.
5. Unresolved Tosh/Diane/Dead Fiancee issues.

Jools Siviter
1. I'm American
2. I find out something I shouldn't know. He has me killed.
3. I fail to get any good intelligence for him.
4. The smoking. It looks hot, but I hate it in real life.
5. Unresolved Tom Quinn issues

Keith Olbermann

1. Unresolved Hillary Clinton issues on my part.
2. Jealous Anderson Cooper/Stephen Colbert/Dan Patrick
3. I can't name the Cubs starting line-up
4. He wants me to wear more make-up, he suggests Rachel Maddow as a role-model
5. He catches me watching American Idol. Refuses to believe I was just making sure I didn't miss any of House MD

Gene Hunt
1. The smoking.
2. Unresolved Sam issues.
3. Jealous Ray.
4. I get a scratch on the Cortina.
5. He thinks I'm a pushy bird who gives him too much lip.

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