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Meme a day 2008-Day 224-Building A Team Meme

Ganked from linden_jay

Using cast from all your fandoms, and not using the same fandom twice, fill your dream team:

(1) Team Leader
(1) Warrior
(1) Smartypants
(1) Hottie
(1) Comic Relief

Team Leader-This is the toughest because I've got so many Alpha males and a few females to choose from, but really, of my current Fandoms, I think it's gotta be Captain Jack Harkness-Torchwood/Dr. Who He has the military experience, life (lots of life) experience, he LOOKS like a leader, and he is, as he's told us, the dashing hero. Plus there should NEVER be any ship warring because as long as the rest of the team is gorgeous enough, he WILL shag anything and care excessively about nothing besides the mission and the Doctor. Plus he can die for his team and still come back. It's perfect.

Warrior-Zoe-Firefly Lots of experience, and I totally want to see her and Jack togther.
The would be one bad-ass, mother-fucking team.

Smartypants-Greg House-House MD Perfect amounts of on-going snark, plus medical knowledge, along with an endless supply of non-medical information as well. I know the leg might make him an impediment in the field, but I'm sure the team would band together to take care of him because he's the only one who can cure them of the nasty diseases that are sure to strike.

Hottie-Danny Messer-CSI NY-Hot hot hot! And tough in a fight. Brings a bit of angst to the game as well. But really---hot hot hot!

Comic relief-Gene Hunt I know, I know. He should be the leader and he'd think so as well, but no one gets out a quip at another man or woman's expense like the Guv, and there'd be all kinds of tension between him and Jack and you know where that might lead. Not to mention Gene/Greg who are my perfect twosome of bastardiness.

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