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"Show-Off" Torchwood ficlet 300 Words Canon-subversion fic for "Adrift"

Title: Show-Off
Pairing: J/I (references to Jack/Suzie, Jack/Gwen)
Rating: R
Wordcount: 300
Notes/Warning: This bunny's been nibbling since I saw the Comic con panel. My answer to why Ianto said "It doesn't matter." As always, J/I lovers, Gwen haters, read at your own risk. Spoilers for Adrift, obviously. Thanks for michelleann68 for advice on the title and a quick look-over

Summary: There are no coincidences at Torchwood

Now the greenhouse made sense.

It was inevitable that Gwen would get to see them in the act. That was Jack’s technique, practically a courtship ritual.

Ianto had walked in on Jack and Suzie once in Jack’s office. Suzie was on her knees, and Ianto felt just as flustered as Gwen had been a few minutes ago. Jack had looked at Ianto over Suzie’s naked body with the same mixture of arrogance and invitation that he’d graced Gwen with, right down to the lewd rejoinder. The game in question had been nude charades, but the meaning was the same.

Less than a week later, he’d been the one sucking Jack’s cock, as though it were something he’d been waiting to do all his life, in spite of his on-going anguish over Lisa.

When he tried to apologise to Suzie for breaking up whatever she’d had with Jack, she broke into bitter laughter with a somewhat manic edge and told him about finding Jack fucking the previous medic up against a wall in the morgue. There were no coincidences at Torchwood.

Now it was Gwen’s turn. Jack had made his decision and neither marriage vows nor existing arrangements were going to stop him. Ianto had already left the GPS on Gwen’s desk, so she was well on her way to finding out about the island. Gwen would be devastated by what she found there and a distraught Gwen Cooper had to be the easiest pickings imaginable.


It might be the last time, so Ianto decided to make it the best, although that wouldn’t change anything. He wondered if he owed Gwen some kind of warning, but he wasn’t feeling quite that generous. One favour a day was enough.

He did wish her luck, though. She was going to need it.

Tags: drabble, fanfic, ianto jones, jack harkness, suzie costello, torchwood

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