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And I love to live so pleasantly, live this life of luxury...

Seriously. I wish this could be my "real life." Sleeping in until Hubby gets home in AM. Getting to spend some time with him watching Daily Show and Colbert Report, before he goes to sleep. Checking email and LJ. Got to the gym. Do some shopping. Come home and work on the NOVEL, maybe do some hit and run afternoon karaoke. Come home and cook hubby a nice dinner. Watch Keith Olberman with Hubby. Work on Novel after Hubby goes to work.

I really didn't mean to commit fanfic yesterday, but when I'm driven by hatred, it's hard to turn back, and the response was very encouraging. Lots of comments, for which I'm always grateful even when they are from those who vehemently disagree with my view of the 'verse in question.

Even the weather has been quite co-operative, so when I'm out, I can wear a hoodie and not a heavy jacket.

I will admit to having one major "Where are my keys?" meltdown last night, but it did happen inside the apartment, so I knew I had to have them to have gotten in. Naturally after nearly two hours of panic, they turned up-TA DAH! In the pocket of the hoddie I'd been wearing earlier which I tossed in the laundry basket.

While things have been mostly drama free for me, I had some vicarious drama last night. My friend Tommy (the one who I knew in Fair Lawn) is now living in Nashville. WTF? He claim it's because he likes country music and his initials are TN, but anyway. So being Tommy, he has a boyfriend who is a psycho, crack-head, hustler etc, who is nothing but a giant, soul-draining, money-sucking leech. Tommy tried to send him to rehab. He said, no, no, no. He got thrown out for violence. Tommy spend most of the night telling me this guy was leaving threatening messages and he was scared and the police wouldn't help. I haven't talked to Tommy in a long time, but knowing him as I used to, none of this is surprising.

I also got the living room picked up last night as much as I could but a lot of the stuff is Hubby's and I have no idea what to do with most of it.

The body-pump class this morning was tough, but worth doing and I'll probably take it again on Friday. The last time I did a group exercise class, there was probably spandex involved. My lack of strength in certain areas is just sad considering how long I've been working out, but not so surprising giving my tendency to coast.

Chapter two of the Novel, which is exposition central, looks much, much better. I've got a shitload of back-story, a great sex scene and a dead body. Life is good.
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