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Unpopular opinions

We're back from seeing TDK and I'll post about it later or tomorrow, but I have things I need to get off my chest right now.

1. Pairing polls are bullshit!
Yes, I'm looking at you House MD fandom, and even my own fellow H/W shippers. Oh YAY we're winning
a pairing poll. And this proves what? That we can organize more people to sit around pushing buttons than the other groups? Do you think it's going to effect what actually happens on the show and would you want to watch a show where it did? Let me use this extremely unpopular analagy. The New York Times #1 bestseller next week is going to be the Barack Obama attack book written by the same guy who did the hatchet job on John Kerry last time around. It's going to be #1 because of bulk sales to conservative groups, but it will be listed as #1 nonetheless. Do you think that gives it any merit or means that people are really reading it?

2. The Making of Me-I have issues.
As a full hour of John generally being gorgeous and yummy and adorable, plus getting to the see the family and OMG SCOTT, it's awesome. For being incredibly gay-positive and bringing the horrors of homophobia to light, great.

HOWEVER-I'm really torn by how John's approach to the project was presented. I mean given what I already knew about research in the field, was there ever really a doubt what he was going to find? But what really stuck in my craw was the idea that any hint that there was even the slightest nature component would be the worst thing on earth and god forbid he should have even an iota of non-gay leaning.

I realize "reality" on tv is never truly reality. So one option is that the over-the-top angsting was just showmanship and hype for the program, which is fine, although disingenuous or that it would really really bother him that much which is slightly distateful. I thought the scene after the FMRI where they pull the prank and say "you're straight" is ludicrous, but the horror on John's face is offensive. I mean this is Mr. "Everybody Likes A Good Tittywank." If the theme really follows the lyric to "I Am What I Am" then it shouldn't be such a big deal.

One wonders if the show would even have made air if anything turned out to be dramatically different than what was expected. I did notice that Scott seemed a bit more mellow about the whole thing, which means John might just have been drama-queening for the camera. Again, totally his perogative and good for the hype, but slightly bothersome.

My love for John remains unchanged, but this wasn't one of his more enjoyable ventures as far as I was concerned.

#3. There are ugly-ass LJ set-ups out there. As in UNREADABLE color combos and itsy-bitsy fonts.
What the hell is wrong with black on white, or some variation of dark on light with a readable font? Seriously. My eyesight is fairly sucky as it is. Yes, I know I can beef up the size with control ++, but some of the color combos are vomit-inducing.

P.S.-I love that my meme respondants think I'm dominant cause you know, I'm so not!
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