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Attention: Halloween Party Attendees

Hey gang. I'm thrilled to announce, I've just hit 100 comments (including replies) on the original "Come As You're Not" Halloween Fanfic Party invitation, which can be found HERE.

I'm taking off work this coming Monday. It's my birthday and therefore a national holiday. I'll be loading up the Camero and hitting Costco as well as the liquor store. Since I like to show my guests a good time, please let me know if we should stock up on any particular cheesey commestibles, libations or supplies. In other words, help me make a shopping list for the best party ever.

(I'll also be working on my costume, like you know, maybe...starting it!)

So far, I'll be getting vast amounts of bleach for the eye washing that will be needed after viewing some of the costumes, Red Vines (of course), candy corn (and remember, you get extra if you use a Karaokegal song lyric prompt) peanut butter cups for rivers_bend and I'm importing some Maudite (a French Canadian beer) for extrabitter so get out your old Spice Girls CDs and tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

As far as drugs are concerned, I understand that there will be more than enough crack to go around. House MD fans are free to bring Vicodin (they are encouraged to share, even though it's un-House-like), weed ("Harsh toke, dude!"), morphine (placebos discouraged) and Ketamine. Other fandoms, please bring the appropriate goodies. Don't worry, I've paid off the cops and the neighbors won't be a problem.

One change to the plans, I was going to open the party post at 900AM PST, but I'm pushing it earlier. I'll do the post before I go to bed on the 30th, so that my peeps across the pond can wake up on Halloween morning and start partying.

Remember-Post your costume fic to your own LJ and comment to my post with the link. Include any information you would normally put with a fic: Title, Word Count, Rating, Characters, Author's Notes, and PLEASE tell use why this is a costume for YOU. Let me know if you took a song lyric prompt so I can give you your extra candy-corn. Cross-post your costume to other communities. You've worked hard on these babies, let's show the world what kind of sick mofos you really are what you can do.

A cry for help

I'd like to open the party with a song that I have on CD. Can I download that on to my laptop and then into an LJ link? Remember that I am techno-dorkarella, so the instructions must be very simple to follow. I can only offer undying gratitude and a gift-fic to anyone who can help me.
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