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I wrote an outline for my novel.

I've never done this before, except when a publisher wouldn't give me money until I provided some hint as to what they might be paying me for.

Basically, I no longer trust my brain to retain all the details I have planned and various little tidbits I want to sneak in along the way, as the RL murder mystery intertwines with the on-line mystery. Also there's some totally cracked plot developments that came up, including a side trip to Ireland.

Right now this is in my notebook, but in the interests of sanity, given my spectacular ability to lose objects in a two minute span of time, I should get it on my hard drive as well.

But at least I know where I'm going.


Heading downtown. I think I'll walk, since I'm giving the rest of my body a day off from the gym. That Body Pump class is awesome, but my muscles especially legs were brutalizes. I had a "Deluxe Spa Pedicure" at Minna Nails downstairs and the leg and foot massage produced absolutely horrifying wails and moans as the girl tried to deal with my lactic acid build-up. OUCH!OUCH!OUCH!

So a walk, then the farmers mark for fruits and veggies. Then I'll come home and get some actual writing done.


The night eating is still kicking my ass. Leftover Rice-a-Roni. With my hands. Nice.
There's absoutely no way to blame it on stress. I'm as relaxed as it's possible to be right now.
Something just makes me want to get up in the middle of the night and shove food in my face.
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