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Last night of vacation

It was such a good one that I don't want to go back to work.

Really, really, really good. Long post later about the last few days, but right now it's after midnight so I should get some sleep since I want to get to the gym tomorrow. (I worked out every day of vacation except yesterday and I did walk downtown, which is about three miles.)

I'm hoping I can stay calm for at least five whole minutes after I walk in tomorrow and that there isn't some shit storm just waiting to explode.

Hubby has to work tonight so I'm alone, which is fueling my ability to stay up and worry, which is not a good way to end a lovely week.

So good night and wish me luck.

B/T/W-I didn't read much fic while I was off work (no printer) but I have a list of stuff that I will be printing once I'm back at the DOD. So if you think I owe you a comment on a fic, it may be forthcoming, but will take some time. Also, I kind of skimmed a lot of LJ. Otherwise the whole week would have only been me reading and commenting. As it was, I got some good work done on my Novel, which was the primary objective.
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