karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I love you, British people!

We're back at the Desk of Doom, and things are so far, so good, although Steve says it was crazy in my absence.

First potential crisis of the day was a call from an admin that the client's flight to London was delayed for hours and made an emergency stop in Nova Scotia to drop off six passengers. She was worried the limo people wouldn't be waiting for him etc etc. So I called the hotel at spoke to Natalie at the concierge desk, who in her best proper, precise British way, advised me that they'd been monitoring the flight and knew all about the delay and would be waiting for the client as soon as he cleared customs.

I called the admin and delivered the message in my best approximation of Natalie's accent.

Such a relief. Why can't the whole world be like that? (In fact, right now I have to follow up on Limos in Athens and Heidelberg and I'm kind of dreading it.)
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