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Walked down to the Ferry Building to stock up on fruits and veggies at the farmer's market again. OMG FRESH FIGS!!!! These things are so sweet, you can imagine. Like candy but more so. Actually so much that they have a similar effect on me and nearly become sugar triggers.

Went to Samovar with hubby. So here I am reallyreally trying to stay off the refined sugar, honey etc and what do they bring with my Moorish Mint tea? A little carafe of simple syrup. I told them to take it away and then hubby tells them to leave it and he'll have it with his black tea. Sheesh. We picked up a movie at Faye's video-a Hong Kong movie by Steven Chow who did some other things we liked, but this was I gotta say, pretty lame.

Then, we finally started watching some of my QI disks. So happy-making. I love all these
people. I want them in my living room being brilliant and witty and snarky. I think this is the first time I've really started understanding some of the passion behind the Fry fanaticism.

Sunday-I had a workout session with Peggy in Duboce Park-Doggie Heaven. Not to mention the joys of having my girl-crush say things like, "On your hands and knees." Very hot. At one point, I was on my back doing triceps exercises and I had my eyes closed because of the sun and she said, "You might want to open your eyes right now," and there was a small brown dog standing right next to me, kind of protecting, guarding, checking out, whatever. It was awesome.

I was heading over to Bi-rite for my last "vacation sandwich" when I rememember it was the day they were starting the "Karaoke Entertainer of the Year" competition. I called the Mint and there were still some spots left, so I ran home, got changed, grabbed my disks and barrelled up Guerrero in time to participate. The theme for this week was "Top 40" which means anything since 1980. (I know, I know.) I did "One Night In Bangkok," as well as I've ever done it but I knew I wasn't up there with the heavy hitters. Camille Leon did an absolutey amazing job on "Groove Is In The Heart" and Tifanny was Tifanny. She did "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey. And it just so happens she can do that really well. The other two who were awesome were Kitty and Wendy. (Wendy did that song "I Kissed a Girl." Very cool.) The rules are kind of arcane. You can only compete in two rounds at any given venue, so I can only do one more at the Mint. I think I'll skip next week which is R&B. Not my strong suit AT ALL. I'll save it for either Show-tunes or Rock.

I'm not going to win, but I like putting myself out there and trying.

Then Peggy showed up and we hung out. I can never have too much Peggy in my life. Serious girl-crush. She brought her flat-mate Arnold who looks exactly like the way Barry Williams does now. Big Frank was KJ-ing and I requested that he sing "The Love I Lost," which is one of the first songs I ever remember him doing even before he was a KJ. He kicked butt.

Came home with Sushi. Watched some more QI. Hubby had to work, which left me not quite able to sleep knowing I was going back in today. Lot's of night eating. :(

I got up this AM and went to the gym. Treadmill. I managed to do two miles in just under 30 minutes. One week till the 5-K at Pac Bell Park.
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