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First set of Rants from the Rant Meme

I know that the lovely haldane is traveling right now and may have limited internet access, but my slight OCD-self feels compelled to do the rants in the order they were requested, so here goes.

Just a reminder-The RANT MEME stipulated that I did not have to agree with the rant topic, thereby leaving the way open for all kinds of mischief to test my ranting mettle as it were.

And thus I give you:

This was absolute madness. Here the creators have given us a brilliantly multi-faceted character with as much depth as Ianto Jones, along with the stellar acting skills of Gareth David-Lloyd, and instead of making him the focus of the second season finale, they insist on rehashing Jack’s family issues as well the boring antics of John Hart.

Marsters had long over-stayed his welcome before he actually left in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, especially with any implications that John’s previous relationship with Jack, could possibly impinge on his Jack’s current emotional ties to Ianto. In John’s dreams. Obviously Jack and Ianto are far more married than Jack and John could ever have been.

This makes the under-use of Ianto even more infuriating. He should have been the one to rescue Jack, so that we could have had the Jack/Ianto moment that proves once and for all what an emotionally bonded couple they really are, not the mere “dabbling” or “doing” that the GWACK contingent likes to insinuate is the case.

And speaking of the ever-so annoying Miss Cooper, WTF? Why does she get to be hero and somehow control the whole Police Department? She’s not even a member anymore. Why are Rhys and Andy, who should both know better, still kissing her over-sized arse? God I hate her so much. Nothing pissed me off so much as how she managed to muscle her way into both the scene where Jack hugs Ianto in the cells and the one at the end of the episode. Where’s my serious Janto tongue action, and “I love you, and I’ll never leave you?”

The only way this episode would really have made sense is if John and Gray targeted Ianto specifically as the only way to really hurt Jack and if Ianto had been the one who held the city together and dug up Jack himself.

I hate that RTD doesn’t see how important and central Ianto is to the success of the show and how much more screen time he should get in every episode. I’ll bet he’s secretly in love with Eve and that’s why she gets so much screen-time.

Hopefully the five episode arc will only be about Ianto with some Janto action. Otherwise, why watch?

And a bonus rant:

There should be some kind of law against the proliferation of nasty little green things on top of salads served in so-called “fine-dining” establishments. How can I dine on my mixed salad, when there are either itsy bitsy sprouts that feel like hairs in your throat, or some bitter weed that probably got pulled out of a rat-infested garden that morning and the chef is trying to pass off as “gourmet” greens. Or reds or yellows. Raddichio is a particularly annoying thing to find in a salad. I don’t like thistley bits either.

What ever happened to good old fashioned lettuce? Ice-berg, butter, romaine, what ever you got. Give me the lettuce and some other fixings and pour the dressing. Enough with the froofy toppings.

It’s like a tutu on an elephant and it pisses me off.
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