karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I can't turn my tv set off.

I mean I know HOW to do it, technically, but the damn remote isn't working. It turns off the DVR, but the TV set itself is still on. I was getting a blister on my finger trying to get it turn off and it wouldn't. I finally had to leave it on because I had to get downtown to call IT in NY to have them work on the computer. They're trying to figure out why it freezes up at precisely 515PM every day. Turns out that McAfee was programmed update at 500PM every day. Hopefully that is the answer.

So after NOT doing the 5-K yesterday, I felt obliged to get on the treadmill today and do a few miles. However, since I was so frantic to get back up here (for no apparent reason, since I couldn't use the computer) I didn't stretch afterwards. At all. You do the math.

Today I have to go deal with pyscho-sis and then get up to the hospital.


I just got a call that they're moving him to a different facility. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Seriously, WTF???

OK, it turns out they're moving him to a "skilled nursing facility" because they can't do the main operation until the swelling goes down and it looks like that could take another week and they don't want to keep him in a acute care facility for that period of time. Also the skilled nursing facility has physical therapists and stuff.

Maybe I'll go work on some rants. Steve can handle the travel right? Cos I sure as hell can't.
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