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More news....operation on Thursday (maybe) in OAKLAND!!!

Time to freak out again. So he just told me that they're going to do the operation on Thursday, which is good because it means he gets out of Nursing Home Hell. But they're going to do it at Kaiser in Oakland. Because the best doctor in the field is there. OK, I want him to have the best Doctor, but visiting him in OAKLAND is going to be crazy.

For those who don't know, Oakland is across the bay from San Francisco. If the hospital isn't really near a BART station, I'm up a tree. I can't NOT visit him over the weekend, but I'm not so sure about visiting him there after work on week-days. But if I don't, I'm going to feel insanely guilty.

I can't believe I haven't gone for the Jelly Bellys yet.

And the Problem Child #1 Client drama continues as well.

The difference between Business and Coach is too much, so the request was declined. Which means the fit is gonna hit the shan BIG TIME.
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