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Meme A Day 2008-Day 241-Pimping The ALL FANDOM REC MEME!

The All-Fandom Rec Meme

Here's how it works: Pick something that you know of, that you think is absolutely brilliant, but may not have gotten nearly enough appreciation (or maybe it did, but you still think it should be passed around) and rec it here. All fandoms, all pairings, all genres, all ratings. Multiple recs welcome.

The only rule is that you CANNOT post your own work

All Recs should be directed back to the original post, so that the author/artist/vidder gets the love that they deserve for it.

With your rec, please include the title, author/artist, fandom, pairing, rating and any applicable warnings. If you like, you may also like to include WHY you like it so much, and how horrified you were that people overlooked it the first time around.

Make sure you post the RECS as comments HERE!!!

Go ye forth and PIMP!
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