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Hubby had his surgery yesterday to actually fix the leg. YAY. He's in a lot of pain and not getting as much pain meds as he or I would like, but he does have a PCA so he can hit the button every 10 minutes.

Thursday was seriously fucked. They were supposed to move him out of Nursing Home Hell at 5:30PM but there was a fire on Treasure Island which was tying up traffic on the Oakland Bay Bridge so they couldn't send the ambulance till much later. I found this out while I was ON BART heading for the East Bay, carrying a heavy bag and wearing a leather jacket in the middle of freakin' heat wave. I asked if he wanted me to go to Oakland and wait or come back to the city and see him at the Nursing Home. He told me to go home and take the night off, which was very nice of him.

I ended up getting to enjoy a little of the heat wave by sitting outside at Crepevine on Church Street and having a "Milano Crepe" YUM YUM. Then I went over to the Mint for the first time in two weeks. It was sort of a noisy, hard-rock crowd, but some of my peeps were there. I told them about hubby and they said what everybody says at first: ARE YOU KIDDING?

Like I would say that to be funny? I know it's just a reflex response, but it's driving me a little bonkers. I turned the tide on the loud rock with my awesome rendition of "I Can't Smile Without You." When in doubt, bring on the Manilow. :)

Yesterday sucked because the law firm is moving their offices so Steve and I had to work out of regional. Luckily-not that busy. Word up people, when this is over, Steve deserves a vacation because he is totally carrying my sorry ass right now.

Today was the day I dealt with a bunch of stuff like dishes, laundry and bird-cage cleaning, file updating etc.

I still haven't gotten into the sugar, which is some kind of fucking miracle, although I did inhale half a tandoori chicken and some rice last night. Once again, the tea with no honey. POUT.

I'm considering redoing my LJ theme. I reallyreally like the way I have it set up right now, but I want one that shows the tag list.

OK, off the to hospital.



My links to John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter are alive and well, and can be found in This Post . (Page down, after appreciating one of my initial Barrowmania gushes.)

It's amazing how much the Barrowmania helped me get over the heart-ache and heart-break of my "LJ Divorce."

I've also reloaded the divine Marianne Faithful singing Mad About the Boy which appears in Collision Course , one of my Hugh/Bobby fics.

Now I'm going. Really
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