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Another Tory Belleci sighting at Cafe Petra

One is so tempted to go over and just say hi, but one fears to be a gushy fangirl. He seems very nice and approachable...at least some cute girls didn't have any problem. :)

Yesterday's visit was a little frustrating because I got to the MacArthur Bart station and waited for the shuttle to the hosptial. And waited. And waited. It took me about 45 minutes, maybe more to figure out that the shuttles don't run on the weekend, at which point I went ballistic because when I talked to the shuttle driver the night before and asked if I'd see him the next day, he said no, he wasn't working, but failed to mention that NO ONE was working because the freaking shuttles don't go on weekends, at which point I got a cab. It's not that far but too far to go with the laptop and some other stuff.

I was also at extremely low blood sugar so the cab-driver got to hear some obscenity-laced rantage.

Got to the hospital around 4-ish and stayed until 10PM. I had brought my laptop to play DVDs. It was sort of British Day, since he was looking forward to a Lovejoy on one of the local PBS stations. I had the first disk of the Catherine Tate show. Our general feeling was that the characers were funny but once you'd seen one sketch of each one you'd seen all there was to see. The repetition wasn't terribly amusing. (Although I kind of relate to "screaming lady.")

I also brought Dr. Who Series 2, so we watched The Idiot's Lantern. I don't consider myself a Ten/Rose shipper, but when David and Billie smile at each other, it's hard to resist.

Today I made myself go out and run/walk around Dolores part for about 45 minutes, rather than come down here and get on-line immediately. I'm not going to let this totally screw me up on exercise/food. I'm haunting by the pints of ice-cream I consumed during the near-death experience of 2001.

Talked to Hubby-Still in pain and he had a blood transfusion. He wants me to bring his Mbira over today.

Talked to Bubbles. Naturally the new office will NOT be ready on Tuesday. Did anyone NOT see this coming?
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